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Heymans Trimilin® Fun Set

Save cash by buying the Trimilin Fun set: the additional protective ring increases safety when trampolining. Whether for nurseries, school playgrounds, sports grounds, sports clubs or in your own garden: the outdoor trampoline inspires both young and old!

  • Ideal for leisure time, schools and clubs
  • Gentle on the joints and back
  • Exceptionally high level of stability
  • Provides maximum safety
  • Easy to assemble without tools
Heymans Trimilin® Fun set – for increased safety when trampolining
The Heymans Trimilin Fun set consists of a Trimilin Fun outdoor trampoline and a protective ring: The garden trampoline is encompassed by a safety net which is attached to the padded bars. The padded upright bars ensure additional protection when jumping.

Training is more gentle on the joints and back with the Heymans Trimilin® Fun set
Thanks to the particularly flexible trampoline bed, jumping is gentle on the joints and back. The ComfortSpring springs rebound maximum jump energy and ensure first-class and unsurpassed bounce properties.

Heymans Trimilin® Fun set: first-class workmanship and maximum safety
The 30 mm thick foam padding around the edge ensures maximum safety when jumping. The padding is water-repellent and retains its excellent shock absorption properties even after rain.

Trimilin Fun trampolines are especially safe as the springs are always covered. An extremely strong Velcro fastening between the padding and the edge of the trampoline guarantees that there will be no gap.
The frame of the outdoor trampoline is made from especially high-quality steel with a wall thickness of 1.5 – 2 mm. The frame is galvanised both on the inside and outside to protect against weathering and corrosion, therefore guaranteeing a long lifespan.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, without any tools
The garden trampoline can be assembled and disassembled without any tools. The special groove system of the support feet ensures that they lock securely into place, they cannot fall out when setting the trampoline up.

More information on the Heymans Trimilin Fun set:

  • Ø 1.85 m, H: 40 cm
  • 48 springs
  • Length of springs 160 mm, tolerance: +-3mm, 37 coils
  • Maximum load 100 kg
  • Ø 2.4 m, H: 60 cm
  • 64 springs
  • Length of springs: 173 mm, tolerance: +-3mm, 41 coils
  • Maximum load 100 kg
  • Ø 3 m, H: 60 cm
  • 72 springs
  • Length of springs: 180 mm, tolerance: +-3mm, 41 coils
  • Maximum load 100 kg

The Trimilin Fun set – for safe trampolining fun
Outdoor trampolines certainly won’t go unused. Jump happily on the trampoline and fill your garden with life. Relatives, friends and neighbours will all want to come and have a go on the garden trampoline. Trampolining is healthy outdoor fun as it increases circulation and metabolism while being gentle on the joints and back. Since trampolining develops balance and coordination, it is ideal for schools, nurseries and clubs. Trimilin trampolines are exceptionally safe and made to an extremely high quality – guaranteeing a long lifespan. You can also order replacement parts, should any be required after several years of use.

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Heymans Trimilin® Fun

The premium outdoor trampoline in well-known Trimilin quality. The flexible trampoline bed cushions jumps and is therefore easy on the joints and back. An ideal fitness and training apparatus for leisure centres, schools, sports clubs, nurseries or rehabilitation centres. Improves fitness, sense of balance, flexibility and therefore confidence, too!] Especially safe as the padded frame cover is connected securely to the trampoline bed, completely covering all springs. You will always bounce back into the centre when jumping. Particularly sturdy thanks to 12 support legs of the ø 3.7 m and 4.3 m versions. Will hold up to 100 kg bodyweight. Advice for public facilities: should only be used under the supervision of a trained professional. Other advantages: Easy to assemble and disassemble without tools. Frame made from galvanised steel tubing. Weatherproof.