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2590309 IHF Indoor Handball Goal, 3×2 m,goal depth 1m

The IHF handball goal is a free-standing goal with a choice of fixed or folding net brackets and is used in many halls in the 1st division of the handball Bundesliga.

  • Made from aluminium – for easy transport
  • High level of stability
  • Particularly sturdy, cast-aluminium corner joints
  • Secure net bracket locking mechanism
  • Complies with DIN 7897/EN749
IHF handball goal: the goal for pros
The free-standing IHF handball goal has a frame made from aluminium special tubing 80×80 mm. The net brackets are made from white, powder-coated steel tubing. The net brackets are available as fixed or folding versions. The frame’s corner joints
are made from solid cast aluminium. The cast-aluminium corner joint’s long spigot and the pressed holes in the tubing enable secure attachment using eight bolts on each corner. This also helps to prevent the problematic tearing of welded seams, as the corner is not formed from the tubing itself, but a cast-aluminium corner piece. In addition the frame construction is reinforced with large angle plates on the back. The angle plates connect the goal frame with the net brackets and at the same time also create an extremely torsion-free construction.

Product information:

  • Goal construction: aluminium, anodised
  • Crossbar/posts: special tubing 80×80 mm
  • Net suspension: full-length net brackets made from steel, white, powder-coated
  • Net attachment: 26 double net hooks (included)
  • Goal posts with plastic floor protectors
Key feature in detail
The net bracket folding mechanism features a built-in locking mechanism, which allows the net bracket to be released with a simple pull on the locking pin.
Thanks to the built-in locking mechanism, the loss or the bending or breaking of regular net bracket struts is prevented. In the version with folding net brackets, plastic bearings have also been incorporated to ensure that no metal parts rub against each other and that the attachment points are not dislodged as a result.

Long lifespan
The t nuts included are another advantage that considerably increases the lifespan of the IHF handball goal. They are used to attach the net bracket to the goal frame and are pushed into the goal frame’s tubing. They are made from galvanised steel instead of aluminium and therefore can withstand larger forces. the nuts completely fill the tube section, making the compression considerably higher and preventing the tubing from tearing. The goal can be secured to the floor using two-point (screwing through the net brackets) or four-point (using welded-on brackets) attachment.