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Sport-Thieme® Hex Compact Rubber Dumbbell


The Sport-Thieme hex compact rubber dumbbell ensures a varied workout thanks to its numerous weight classes.


  • Does not roll away thanks to angular dumbbell head
  • Knurled grip for optimum hold
  • Different weight classes for intensive strength training


The Sport-Thieme hex compact rubber dumbbell: the dumbbell that never rolls away!
The Sport-Thieme hex compact rubber is available in weights ranging from 1-30 kg and therefore enables each individual to tailor their strength training to theor fitness level. The dumbbell is made from steel and has a chrome-plated, knurled handle, for optimum hold even with sweaty hands. Thanks to the hexagonal shape of the dumbbell heads, the weights do not roll away. The rubber coating also protects the floor from damage if the dumbbells fall down.

Product information:

  • Material of dumbbell handle: steel
  • Material of dumbbell head: rubber and casr iron
  • Handle chrome-plated and knurled
  • Diameter of dumbbells from 1-5 kg: 28 mm
  • Diameter of dumbbells from 6-30 kg: 32 mm