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2171005 Health & Fitness Gyroboard

The health & fitness gyroboard is ideal for health and fitness workouts.

  • Effective coordination and balance training
  • Strengthens foot, leg and trunk muscles
  • Adjustable difficulty levels
  • For use in gyms, clubs and at home
  • Comes with carry bag
The health & fitness gyroboard: suitable for all types of sport and all ages
The health & fitness gyroboard brings health and fitness training to the fore. All exercises can be carried out while standing with legs hip-width apart with the 60×40-cm board. The board is suitable for all age groups and types of sports. Gyroboard and Senso boards differ in terms of function, how they are built and how they look. The gyroboard wobbles more than the Senso board and can rotate, making it suitable for more advanced users. You can also attach handles to the gyroboard, unlike with the Senso board.Product information:

  • Size of board (LxW): 60×40 cm
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 86x86x23 cm
  • Can hold up to 150 kg

Possible uses of the health & fitness gyroboard
Possible uses include physiotherapy, fitness training, functional training and rehabilitation. Also great for preventing falls and injuries. The board is great for exercising on one leg because your instability increases the effect of your workout. The difficulty of this fitness trainer is one level below that of the "Fun & Extreme" gyroboard (lower angle and wider standing surface). The "Fun & Extreme" is suitable for experienced skateboarders and surfers etc, whilst the gyroboard is more suitable for people focused on their health and fitness.