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2546706 Vicore Terra Core

The Vicore Terra Core is a training beam, step and stability trainer all in one and a real all-rounder with numerous exercise possibilities.

  • Over 250 exercise possibilities
  • Adjustable amount of air – suitable for any fitness level
  • With handrails and handles underneath
The Vicore Terra Core gives your body a workout!
The Vicore Terra Core is a multifunctional piece of fitness equipment for over 250 exercises similar to a stepper. The surface is filled with air making it wobbly – a real challenge for the entire body. One special feature of the Terra Core is the fact it can hold up to 450 kg. The air cushion comes with a plug that can be pulled out using the plug stopper supplied, allowing air to be removed or pumped in using the pump supplied. This changes the amount of wobble, meaning you can adjust your workout to suit your fitness level. The harder the air cushion, the more stable it is. DVD and exercise poster included – all you need for your workout.

Product information:

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 117x44x26 cm
  • Weight: approx. 14 kg
  • Can hold up to approx. 450 kg
  • Colour: black/orange


  • Vicore Terra Core
  • Air pump
  • Plug stopper
  • Exercise poster
  • Exercise DVD

The wobbly fitness trainer!
The Vicore Terra Core is a real all-rounder which is suitable for fitness enthusiasts looking for a varied workout. Do over 250 exercises with just one piece of equipment, including planks, crunches, press-ups, rocking exercises standing up or laying down, exercises when seated with bent legs, arm curls using weights when on your knees, stability exercises, step training or exercises with straps, dumbbells or barbells – there are no limits to your fitness workout with this piece of equipment. Numerous other training incentives can be found in the DVD and the exercise poster. Press-ups for example can be done on an air cushion. For even harder training, simply turn the device around to make your exercises even more unstable. The underside of the Vicore Terra Core comes with handrails and handles.