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1360123 Togu® Bike BalanceBoard®

Take on the challenge and train as hard as you can with the Togu bike balance board. Ride on a ball – your movements resemble a bike. The balance board is not only great fun – it strengthens your muscles, uses the brain and nervous system and improves sensorimotor function.

  • Highly effective sensorimotor training
  • Great fun and a challenge every time
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals
  • Short and highly effective workouts
  • Easily adjustable difficulty level
Keep the Togu bike balance board in motion
The Togu bike balance board consists of a platform with a handlebar and Ryton ball or ball cushion. Place the base board on the ball or ball cushion with the ball in the centre, hop on and you’re ready to go. The balance bike becomes unbalanced and your aim is to balance it again with your movements. The instability of the base board requires your entire muscle system, motor functions and balance. Your aim is to keep the balance board moving for as long as possible without letting the board touch the ground. You can change the difficulty level easily by changing the air pressure in the ball / ball cushion which can be regulated via a needle valve. The higher the pressure, the more difficult it is.

Product information:

  • Ryton, birch wood, aluminium
  • Can hold up to 150 kg
  • Maximum ball pressure: 0.4 bar
  • Incl. instructions and pump
  • "Pro":
    • For advanced users
    • With ball for increased difficulty
    • LxWxH: 86x57x28 cm